Field Report - Earth hour in Los Angeles


An hour before EH crowds were gathering at LA Live in front of the stage. The air was electric as people milled about getting ready for show. People were overheard asking in disbelief if the lights in LA were really going to go dark. Then the show started. DJ Tony got the party started as the news crews and throngs people looked on, excitement building with every pulse of the record.

Then around 7:50 various speakers took the stage including Curt Tamkin from WWF and the Mayor of LA. As cheers roared from the crowd the mayor counted down from 10 and the literally thousands of lights that adorn LA Live went out and video of the lights going out around town played over head. Pinks, the observatory, homes in the hollywood hills and buildings right here in downtown. Then there was totally darkness and one by one people lifted their Led candles into the air in total silence, marveling in what was accomplished and the statement we all, together, were making.

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